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The Devonport Agricultural & Pastoral Society has signed a contract for sale for the Devonport Showground to affordable housing advocates Ian Ugarte and Simon Want. This page is the start of a conversation about what’s next for this important site.

The Australian Housing Initiative’s (AHI) sole purpose is to increase the supply of housing by the private sector to those who need it most.  It is reducing the pressure on government funding by empowering Australians to bring back the genuine connection of community by providing elegant housing diversification.

The Australian Housing Initiative works across Australia with Government (Federal, State and Local); Industry and Community Groups and the private sector to understand the state of affordability and implement practical solutions in partnership with local communities.


The Devonport Agricultural & Pastoral Society (DAPS) has signed a contract for sale for the Devonport Showground to affordable housing advocates Ian Ugarte and Simon Want.

While the price is commercial in confidence, the sale will provide DAPS with the opportunity to redefine their service provision and a possible transition to a new site.

Lengthy discussions with the Devonport Agricultural & Pastoral Society, revealed they have faced a number of challenges to deliver their charter. One issue is that the site is no longer fit for purpose.

AHI is respectful of the role DAPS and the Showground has played in the community for more than 100 years and recognise that the transition will be difficult. AHI will continue to work closely with the Society to support them on this transition.

AHI has been working closely with the Government, Devonport City Council and community for the past two years to deliver a number of housing projects. They look forward to continuing this relationship with this new purchase.

The Devonport Showground site presents a significant opportunity for Devonport.

AHI is passionate about putting the needs of the community first and is looking to work closely with you on the future of this site and discussions have already begun with the State Government and Council to ensure a
strategic transition for TasRacing in the medium to long-term, which currently uses the site for a variety of its race meets.

AHI has already started discussions about potential rezoning of the property with Council, which would need the final approval of the Tasmanian Planning Commission.

AHI will now consult widely with existing users, the State Government, the Devonport City Council, business, the public and other interested stakeholders to ensure the future of the site offers the best opportunities.

The engagement process will ensure a range of community and other interested stakeholders organisations are involved. This will help to ensure that the final development meets a mix of needs, while also ensuring that the Showground can continue to be used by a range of different
community groups throughout the week.

Initial conversations with the local community have already highlighted a
number of great ideas like the incorporation of the existing farmers market into any development to assist in the activation of public open space that also retains the heritage of the site.

Ultimately the purchase of the Showground presents the opportunity for the site to continue to contribute to the future fabric of the Devonport community. With the Living City development underway, it is a critical time to ensure the needs of the community are planned for future generations.

AHI would now like to hear from the community about what’s important to them and invited residents to take part in the process online and at various forums in May 2019.

AHI wants to work with the community to understand what they love most about the site. AHI wants to hear the stories, see the photos, read the letters, and speak to the people that have a connection to the land, the buildings and the experiences on site. All of this will form the starting point for the future of the site and will help AHI provide something of great value to the community.

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